One Thought about the Outgoing Year

Ever wondered why looking back at the ending year makes you feel like you’ve achieved nothing? Maybe it’s because you haven’t. And maybe you haven’t because you had no set goals. Similoluwa Adeniyi

A Tale for the Lonely

The people in the churches say you should talk to God. I try to do that, but sometimes, on some days, it doesn’t work.

Like today.

It’s been too long

Hello world. I’m here again; dusting cobwebs off this door, coughing at how heavy the dust is, the silence thick enough to slice through with a machete. I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus, and I haven’t felt like a writer for so long. Got a couple of nudges last month to try again…

You Need to Get Your Eyes Checked

I spent a good amount of time today checking a friend’s Twitter timeline. All I did was search for his name and a truckload of tweets linked to anybody with similar names were displayed.
. . .

Dear Risi . . . What is an Omilet?

. . . Pastor Wale has been saying that I only know how to make amala, semo and fufu for him. Hmm. I tried to update myself and . . . He said when he goes to the toilet, he still sees the pieces of rice in his stomach coming out in his shit . . .