Like everyone who undertakes a new venture (or returns to an uncompleted venture), I feel some sense of nervousness about restarting my blog, and restarting the process of sharing my thoughts.

“Is it worth it?”

“Do I have anything worth sharing?”

“Will I be faithful? Or will I just abandon it in the end?”

“Will people read? Will anyone follow?”

“Am I just being foolish?”

Best believe me when I say there’s a lot more questions where those came from.

In the end, I also have an amazing group of friends who think I’ve been on hiatus for far too long, who are constantly in my face about writing and sharing my thoughts.

I’ve considered the options, especially with social media as a medium. Therefore, while I think Facebook might not be a bad idea for sharing, I’m not really a social media person, and I think those platforms are flooded with so much, it might not make the impact I’d like or need. Pardon me for spit-balling on this post.

Also, there’s my designer senses; kinda like spider senses, but a lot less tingly when there’s danger around. I have been known to be a sort of form-over-function person for a long time. So I loooooooooooove pretty things. Still spit-balling.

Then, there’s the point of having things to share. I’ll be the first to say I don’t really know how much impact my work makes or if it does at all; I’m highly critical of stuff I create (design, words and otherwise), and I haven’t always been in environments that helped my esteem. I’m learning every day to give people a chance to enjoy me and what gifts I have been given, so that sounds like a good reason to create a blog site. I hope I stay faithful. Feel free to leave a comment calling me out if I ever renege on this in the future.

So, uhm, what I mean to say is welcome to my umpteenth attempt as keeping a blog. This one might be paid for, so I think that could keep me in check. Someday I will have to give you the gist on all the different blogs names I’ve come up with in the past.

Please read, leave a comment, drop a line, and share with me what you think basically. And I’ll def put a tag that lets you see all the oldies together.

Thank you for helping me spit-ball, and for basically being kind enough to stop by.

God bless you.

Have a great morning/afternoon/evening/night/day . . .

A G A I N : Bienvenue | Wilkommen | Ekaabo

love, SAIA



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