On the Edge

Sometimes you need to fall.

Headlong into whatever lies beneath you, the beautifully wild and wonderful with its own outcome – whatever that may be; be it painful or otherwise, be it rejection or full-blown acceptance

Whatever it is.

Sometimes you need to fall into it.

But you’re standing there, on the edge, on the very edge, teetering, swaying, your feet barely holding on, and you’re afraid that your fall will hurt you or shake you or, kill you.

You see the beautifully wild and wonderful and you know you need to go into it. To escape the comforts of the zone you’re in now, a zone that has kept you safe and cocooned for all the time it has had you and, therefore, made you empty and useless. You know you need to jump. But you’re torn between empty happiness and the thrill of the adventure.

Torn between wanting more and settling for less than your best.

And that’s when they come up beside you, the amazingly beautiful.

They hold you by the hand, and encourage you, and tell you they’re with you.

You argue, blindly, madly, trying to get them to see that empty happiness is good, but in that moment they know your heart wants more than that; they know you want the beautifully wild and wonderful.

You argue further.
They calmly answer.

And suddenly,
They push you!

Off the edge.
Off the very edge,
Into the beautifully wild and wonderful.
And as they drop with you, supporting you in the fall,
Your heart whispers what you must tell them
“Thank you for encouraging me to fly”.

Image: Amanda Sandlin


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