God WILL Come Through

Maybe I would have thought about it sooner if I had read it earlier. Maybe if I hadn’t skipped a day, it would have come to me quicker.

But it did.
Thank God it did.

Yesterday morning, I read from my 23-day devotional titled “What on Earth Am I Here for?” by Pastor Rick Warren, the writer of the international bestseller, The Purpose Driven Life. Matter of fact, this topic is one that is covered in the first chapter of the book – I think I remember that from reading it.
The text was written to be covered on the sixth day. But I read it on the seventh day because I was a day late.
The Right Attitudes for a Quiet Time; that was the topic. And it falls so in line with what I’ve been learning recently about life as a Christian and faith and pleasing God and learning how to be better at being the sort of Christian I’m supposed to be.

4 things were highlighted as proper attitudes:

  1. Expectancy
  2. Reverence
  3. Alertness
  4. Willingness to Obey

Some lines stood out for me in all this:

  • Remember that you’re meeting God who is the Creator of heaven and earth; you should be in good shape to meet Him
  • You come to quiet time with the purpose of doing anything and everything that God wants you to do
  • Be still before Him
  • Expect to receive a blessing

As I examined myself and my times of ‘devotion’, I realized that I am seriously lacking in having a proper and good quiet time. What I regarded as my devotion time basically consisted of my waking up and praying, praying on the bus and reading from my devotional plans, and reading the verses of scripture attached and praying regarding that and whatever else lay in my heart. I’ve never really sat and studied or meditated IMHO.

And having recently heard about the just living by faith and not having faith leading to an inability to please God and faith coming by hearing and hearing the Word of God, it’s a most reflective time for me. I recently heard in church that your quiet time could be a tenth of your day; 2.4 hours if you have 24 hours in a day – that makes a lot of sense. All I want to do is please God and be right with Him.

So I proceeded to pray about doing better at spending time with God. And questions rose in my heart.

What if you don’t take anything away from this “quiet time”? What if it’s just you trying too hard? Will God tell you anything? Will you receive any revelation?

And these questions made me stop, scared to go on or pray about my quiet time or try to consider doing better. I was scared that all of this would be true and honestly I still feel very faintly that way.

But it brings to me one thing we struggle with as Christians. Fear. And not just any kind of fear, but fear that God won’t do what He says.

In all honesty, it’s not like we remember whatever He’s said at those points when we’re scared. All we know is that this hope in us that He will do something extraordinary might be a little too much; what if He doesn’t show up in our situation after we ask Him to? I once heard Pastor Chris Delvan speak about his very thing; it’s a huge revelation and something we need to search our hearts about – do we also feel this way?

Faith comes to play here and, as I think about it, I’m realising that it’s the knowledge of what He can do that will help you remember that He will do something. If He says ‘ask and I will show you’ and we don’t know that He says ‘ask and I will show you’, how do we expect to build reinforcements in our hearts about His ability and the sheer power He has to ‘show us’?
If all that’s in our hearts when we think about God in our situations and lives and who He is (a super-set of what He can do) keeps falling into puddles of doubt that He is who He is, how do we then expect to be able to please Him?
We simply do not know Him.
We cannot believe that He is.
We cannot acknowledge Him.
We do not have the faith to believe Him, which stems from not having the knowledge of Him that can build our faith.

I am hoping this makes sense to you as you read.

What I’m simply trying to say is this: God WILL Come Through.

We just need to build our faith.
We need to read about the parting of the Red Sea and, knowing that He parted that sea, believe that He can make a way.We need to read about the manna from heaven, and knowing that He is the provider of all good things, believe that He can feed us.

We will not have great levels of faith overnight. No. We will grow from faith to faith as we meditate on His Word (Rom. 1:16-17).

And best believe, this is not necessarily for you.
This is for me. I’m talking to me.
I just hope it’s speaking to you too.

God bless you.
❤ ❤ ❤

*** Thanks to YouVersion for being a channel of God’s blessings with the most beautiful Bible App and various plans.

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