I couldn’t wait to tell you

to tell you


you can finally be

my lover


but wait

there’s just a few conditions

that you have to agree to


1) Will you ask me to buy you iPhone 6+++?

2) Do you know how to pound yam and make soup?

3) Are you spiritual enough to call me brother?

4) Do you know the movie, Yemi my lover?

4) Does your daddy have money to share to our side?

5) Are there any more questions you’d like me to ask?


LOL . . .

So, this is completely random. I was sitting here at my kitchen table, just going through Instagram and I saw a repost by @falzthebadguy of someone doing a 15sec cover of his song with @symplysimi.

And some tune got stuck in my head.
So I wrote words to it.
Wish I could sing the song and put in an audio file for you to listen to. My voice is amazing.

Honestly though, leave a comment sharing the worst questions you’ve ever heard related to a marriage conversation.

Peace and Love, y’all.

❤ ❤ ❤



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