Pre-posting Rant


It’s exactly what the title says . . .

Hopefully, shouting at myself on my blog will get me psyched to get down to work #fingerscrossed


“You spend half your time thinking about doing stuff. You’ve got all the ideas and all the mouth and all the sense of reasoning, all think, no push . . . sigh . . . You seem like one of these people who can really succeed if you would only try, like get off your bum and do something, write something, draw something, be something other than lazy and uncommitted to doing anything substantial.

Yeah, I heard them thoughts churning in your head, you wondering how you’re going to be something and make an impact in the world or on the world around you, and I heard you settle into the excuse of, ‘Not everybody is supposed to be a mega-star and famous’. And it’s for that reason, you, my dear girl, have decided to go back to sitting down and being empty-headed and un-creative. I’m not impressed!

You could easily take the world by storm, run with lights flashing and make room for yourself in the hearts of people. . . Not like you would take the glory for yourself, only One Person can get it. But, I see you thirsty to do something, make something, create something. You’re looking everywhere, trying to be like everybody else and be something they are; well, you’re not. You’re not them and never will be.

You can only be you and I love you for you, especially when you’re being you.

I see the way you want to be accepted and loved for something. Well, I’ve got your answer right here . . . Be loved and accepted for being you, who you are, who your heart pours out naturally (not in dirty or perverse old natures, but in renewed, regenerated new-life speak).

Say what it is you want to say, write it out, draw it, design it, just do it . . .

And I’ll be here, rooting for you, loving you all the way through, because you are me and I am you, and you don’t have a choice but to stick with me.

This is just the beginning of my ranting, so you better get off your bum and go do something!





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