Pre-posting Rant

Yeah! It’s exactly what the title says . . .
You can only be you and I love you for you, especially when you’re being you.


I’m watching the entire world become
They are all becoming
And me?
How do I explain me?

I’m waiting to be like them

It’s a simple combination of sentences and encompasses God’s gifts.
If you think about it, and deeply too, you’ll see what I mean.


I’ve begun to see miracles over my life.
And I know you will too.

One Thought about the Outgoing Year

Ever wondered why looking back at the ending year makes you feel like you’ve achieved nothing? Maybe it’s because you haven’t. And maybe you haven’t because you had no set goals. Similoluwa Adeniyi


you can finally be my lover

A Tale for the Lonely

The people in the churches say you should talk to God. I try to do that, but sometimes, on some days, it doesn’t work.

Like today.