Pre-posting Rant


It’s exactly what the title says . . .

Hopefully, shouting at myself on my blog will get me psyched to get down to work #fingerscrossed


“You spend half your time thinking about doing stuff. You’ve got all the ideas and all the mouth and all the sense of reasoning, all think, no push . . . sigh . . . You seem like one of these people who can really succeed if you would only try, like get off your bum and do something, write something, draw something, be something other than lazy and uncommitted to doing anything substantial.

Yeah, I heard them thoughts churning in your head, you wondering how you’re going to be something and make an impact in the world or on the world around you, and I heard you settle into the excuse of, ‘Not everybody is supposed to be a mega-star and famous’. And it’s for that reason, you, my dear girl, have decided to go back to sitting down and being empty-headed and un-creative. I’m not impressed!

You could easily take the world by storm, run with lights flashing and make room for yourself in the hearts of people. . . Not like you would take the glory for yourself, only One Person can get it. But, I see you thirsty to do something, make something, create something. You’re looking everywhere, trying to be like everybody else and be something they are; well, you’re not. You’re not them and never will be.

You can only be you and I love you for you, especially when you’re being you.

I see the way you want to be accepted and loved for something. Well, I’ve got your answer right here . . . Be loved and accepted for being you, who you are, who your heart pours out naturally (not in dirty or perverse old natures, but in renewed, regenerated new-life speak).

Say what it is you want to say, write it out, draw it, design it, just do it . . .

And I’ll be here, rooting for you, loving you all the way through, because you are me and I am you, and you don’t have a choice but to stick with me.

This is just the beginning of my ranting, so you better get off your bum and go do something!





This is one of those nights when I stay awake and I can’t explain to you why the heck I’m awake.
Yes, I know I cooked till late again but that was only till 11:40 or thereabout.
Yes, I know they call me kerosene but I’d like to sleep too like everyone else.
No, I don’t have anything keeping me up, except . . .

Well, except . . .

These thoughts

I’m watching the entire world become
They are all becoming
And me?
How do I explain me?

I’m waiting to be like them

I used to be me
Tough, decided, outspoken, grounded, driven
I used to be one of the ones who would throw themselves into what they wanted
Stand up for what they believed in
Speak loud so everyone could hear
One of the envied ones

Except . . .

I was always conscious
In control but out of control
Cautious because the ideas thrown out could fail
Never trying because I was too scared to fail

Just so you know
I still don’t believe you when you say my work is beautiful
Or when you tell me my words hit your soul
Or when you say I have a way that’s appealing
Or when you try to convince me over and over that what I have is something worth giving
I don’t believe
I could say I never have but I won’t say I’ve never tried

So . . .

I’m awake again tonight
Social media is becoming my curse
Because in it, I find both inspiration and condemnation
I see the beauty of what others have produced
And in the same thoughts, I doubt that I could ever have something worth any of the fawning

I know I’m ranting
But believe me when I say it’s another one of those times
When I’ll shout the loudest from an obscure part of the world
Knowing that you’ll see this and tell me everything will be okay
And I’ll nod and smile and forget for a while

And then . . .
Some other night,
I’ll write again

But wait . . .
What started me off on this again?
. . .

. . .

I miss you.

This is barely scratching the surface of my thoughts, and I thought to share.
This is not to hurt you.
I just really don’t want any talks about this; I could bear them – I’d rather not. Just pray.

It’s day 8.
It’s a happy new year.

YEZ. 😀

I decided to change my blog’s tagline, and I can see the straight faces that popped up at that declaration 😛.

Anyhow, I’ll explain.

The tagline is the phrase that comes after the name of the blog, like a catchphrase that lies beneath your logo. To find it, you can hover your cursor above the tab you’re viewing the blog in, same as finding the name of the web page – you’re welcome.
For the “oh-ye-observant” ones, you’ll have noticed that it was: “sometimes fact, sometimes fiction”. This is true of my blog; not all is as they are written and what you think is true may be generated 😐

So what’s with the new one, bah?
Okay, I’ll tell you.

Anyone who’s heard me pray has heard maybe once or twice (if you’ve heard me pray more than once or twice; if you haven’t, this is fresh info), has probably heard me use these sentences:

Thank You for life
Thank You for Your love
Thank You for the liberty we have in Your Son

It’s a simple combination of sentences and encompasses God’s gifts IMHO. If you think about it, and deeply too, you’ll see what I mean.

Life allows us to be, exist, wake up to see each day, have the hope of eternity; all the ways you can possibly acknowledge life. Life gives light, brings freshness, is the basis of everything.

Love is beautiful, the greatest gift of all – both true, but rather cliche for what I’m about right now – God’s amazing gift that keeps on giving. it starts with giving mankind a second chance in the garden of Eden and continues to the point of ‘so loving the world that He gave His only Son’ to the point of ‘eternal life’.
God’s love is the reason we can have hope and the most amazing moments in our individual lives; it is shed abroad giving extra meaning to ‘the thoughts’ He ‘has towards you; of good and not of evil, to bring you to an expected end’.
Can you tell how much I love Love? 😛

And liberty; sweet liberty. The world thinks we’re locked in a cage because we choose salvation. But this analogy I recently heard in church can help me explain what I mean.
Those who refuse to accept salvation – differing from those who don’t know there is salvation – are like people in the dark, dancing and feeling good because they are free. Little do they know that there’s a serpent right in front of them waiting to strike; if only they would turn on the lights, they would see.The difference for those who accept God’s liberty is that salvation is the light turned on. Not just that the light is turned on, but the serpent can’t strike because there’s a hedge around us. We can see the serpent, but we can dance and feel good because we’re protected. I hope this makes sense.

So, back to how these 3 sentences make sense and are important as part of my blog?

They are important  because I don’t just want to make to make you laugh, cry, smile or frown when you read my blog this year – whatever, your response, I love you :D. They are important because they represent various pillars and sub-pillars that my life embraces and because I want to share them with every single person who comes across this blog.

So whether it’s fact or fiction, I want you to remember them as much as you see the words or remember me.

And yes, I know that if written alphabetically, they would be Liberty, Life and Love. But then, they wouldn’t just seem right (my people with some kind of OCD, wave your hands in the air like you don’t care. Whoop, whoop!). Now I’m just rambling.

So there.

Life. Love. Liberty.

❤ ❤ ❤

P.S. It’s gonna be such an amazing year! 😀 (and no; I did not just discover emoticons 😛 )




Happy New Year, everyone!
I’m so glad to write that and share this with you.
Thank God for His mercies, new every morning, faithful as the day dawns to wake us to life.

I refrained from sharing anything on the first of the year, first because I was stuck in a fritz writing assignments and second because I didn’t have anything concrete to say, slash write here.
And now, you ask, what do I have to write?

Well . . .

To be honest, not much. But to be fair, it will say a lot.

Thinking back to 2015 and how it ended, how I got worried about a lot of things and fretted very often, I cannot imagine how I could have gotten so worked up. Uhm, scrap that. I CAN imagine.

Here, I hadn’t written a lot and didn’t have much going. In school the assignments were starting to feel like the rock of Gibraltar, mounting on my shoulders with pressure and so much weight, that it felt like a sin to travel home for the Christmas holidays. Needless to say, as any African child knows, I could not do anything while I was home – it’s not necessarily a bad thing that that happened, though.

So back in school two days before the New Year, I was still fretting. A lot more or a lot less, I can’t really remember right now. But I was fretting.

And as the year drew to a close, talking with Mo’, I realized something was different about how I felt about the New Year. No matter how big my fretting was, I felt good about the year.

Fast-forward to the day of the crossover service at my church in school. I walked into the church to find those around praying. The minister leading was saying something about talking to our Father and thanking Him, so I joined in. And as I prayed, I felt even more different and soon words were pouring forth from my lips in torrents of praise. I was praying in a way I hadn’t prayed in a while, scripture bursting out to my honest surprise. And I felt that feeling again, and finally – dramatic and resounding drumroll, please -I placed my finger on it.

Someone, ask me what it was, please.



Beautiful, unexplainable hope.

As the choir started to sing, we were led to sing the following words – I need to share them so you understand how I felt:

You made a way
When my back was against the wall and it looked as if it was over
You made a way
And I’m standing here
Only because You made a way

You moved mountains
You caused walls to fall
In Your power, performed miracles
There is nothing that’s impossible
And I’m standing here only because You made a way

Don’t know how
But You did it

Those are the words I heard then. And that is my theme song for now this year. It symbolises what gives hope, and that hope is what I’m sharing tonight.

It’s because He lives that we can face today, tomorrow and forever.

It’s because of Him that we can handle whatever.

Because He’s here – there with you – His strength made perfect in our weaknesses, making ways.

I’ve begun to see miracles over my life.

And I know you will too.

Much love, darlings.

God bless you always and forever.

Happy New Year.

❤ ❤ ❤


P.S. The song was done by Travis Greene and is titled “You Made a Way”

life ~ love ~ liberty